Anchor Harvey Workers Part of Campaign Trail

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In the midst of so many out campaigning, U.S. Senate candidate and current Illinois comptroller Dan Hynes came to show their support for the workers who've been locked out of their jobs.

Anchor Harvey employees who are part of the United Steelworkers Union say they're glad to see the support of Dan Hynes, but with four months on the picket line, these Local 21-27 Union members say they need more than just campaign promises.

Saturday Hyne's said he'll work hard to make sure Anchor Harvey workers get unemployment benefits. The autoworkers offered to come back to work this month, but were rejected by the company.

Anchor Harvey is asking employees to take a 20 percent pay cut, pay more for health insurance and get a smaller pension. Despite the cutbacks, most Anchor Harvey employees hope to reach an agreement soon.

The workers say the company will be holding two negotiation meetings in the next week, but the process is going slow.