Dial 815 First

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US Cellular reps say they've been swamped with last minute questions regarding the new dialing system. Even their staff is available to adjust numbers in the phone book. While this is typically something we can do on our own, reps remind us that we don't need to delete an entire phone book entry. We could just hit the edit button and dial 8-1-5.

"It's really been about changing habits than anything else people haven't waited until the last minute there's been a pretty steady flow over the last few weeks," says US Cellular Sales Director Derek Estes

If you're making a long distance call, you must dial one then 815 and then the number or else the call won't go through. Now if there's an emergency and you need to call 911, you will not need to dial the area code first.

The reason for adding the area code is not to annoy us. New numbers purchased in our area will be given the area code 779, which should happen within the next few months.