Efforts to Keep Cop Killer in Jail

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It's a horrifying thought for Jennifer Sutkay that the man who left her without a father at just two-years-old could soon be a free man. That's why the daughter of Winnebago County Sheriff Michael Mayborne is urging the Illinois State Prisoner Review Board to keep killer Theodore Bacino in jail.

"We need a bigger and louder voice to keep him behind bars we need to be heard and make sure we're heard," Sutkay says.

So now Sutkay and the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department is collecting petitions to send to board members before Bacino's potential release date next month, so far their count is well into the hundreds. While petitions have been collected in the past, Sutkay says this time the message must be that much more loud and clear.

"We would kind of feel like we lost the battle for my dad so and our battle he needs to stay behind bars," she says.

One of the petitions is signed by Officer Charles Jackson, who was there on that fatal day. Jackson says he was originally positioned where Mayborne was standing, but Mayborne told him to move on. That's when he heard the gunshots that killed his fellow officer.

"It was awful, I still relive it to this day 33 years later I figure how close I became to being a victim instead of one of the arresting officers," Jackson says.

Jackson says Bacino deserves to stay in jail and the board would be making a huge mistake if they let him go.

"He shows no remorse at all he says I didn't kill him kindness killed him."

That was the same thing Bacino told Mayborne's daughter when she met with him in 1992. Bacino says her dad gave him too many warnings to put the gun down, and that's why Bacino killed Michael Mayborne.

If you want to fill out a petition to keep Bacino in jail, send an email to the sheriff's department at: