A Good Hand

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For four years two Indian tribes have been working to build a casino in Beloit. Tuesday the two groups got dealt another good hand.

It's the small steps that will add up to jobs and possibly a huge jackpot for the area. Tuesday, the roulette ball landed in favor of the Beloit Casino development.

Three thousand slots, 25 tables, and all the bright lights are only one step away from being developed along I-90. There are plans as to how a 30-acre tribal land in Beloit will look. This decision is one that the Bureau of Indian affairs has to make. Two tribes, Bad River and St. Croix have to respond to some of the bureau’s concerns.

These questions stem form a public comment period on an environmental assessment. The bureau needs more clarification about traffic patterns, and flood plains, but the two tribes working to build this Beloit casino are excited. Until now they haven't heard anything on the progress of this casino since last fall.

After the group sends back their response to the bureau's question, there’s one final step. The bureau hopefully will issue a determination. That means that the bureau finds that the Beloit casino would not significantly impact the tribes or be detrimental to the community.

Once the final okay is given the tribes say the Beloit casino complex can be built in six months. One of the best cards from all of this is the employment card. The casino would need to hire 5,000 workers.

The city of Beloit and Rock County already gave their approval for the casino.