Teacher Assault Update

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Students are back in class for the first time at south Beloit's Riverview Elementary after learning a teacher was assaulted in the school. Due to holidays and a teacher institute day, students haven't had classes since learning of the attack last Thursday.

Students are back in school at Riverview Elementary, but an attacker is still on the loose.

"I was kind of upset that it happened here at the grade school, but thing happen," Riverview parent Everett Smith says.

More parents are picking up their kids these days after a teacher was attacked on school grounds last Wednesday night.

Lyle Harbell's grandson is a first grader at Riverview. He says, "It makes me feel a little safer knowing I'll watch him walking out."

Some are talking with their child about the attack but the age of these elementary school kids makes it a challenge.

"He's eight years old. They really don't understand what's going on," Smith says.

Superintendent Mike Duffy tells 23 News the victim was back in school the day after the assault and is teaching classes Tuesday. He says the school hasn't made any major changes; they're reinforcing the same measures that were already in place. Duffy says students have voiced few concerns.

Since the attack on Thursday, police have learned little about the suspect or how to find him.

"It's one of those frustrating cases. We have an active investigation and we do have some leads that we're following up on, but those leads are limited," says Chief Larry Schultz

Extra patrols policed all south Beloit schools Tuesday afternoon, and Chief Schultz is hopeful the department’s big break will come soon. For now, students and teachers are trying to get back to life as normal.