Summertime Pests

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Earwigs and Japanese beetles are invading many Stateline homes, inside and out.

Even though many of these insects are harmless to humans, they can be very harmful to lawns, plants and trees around your home.

This time of year brings many unwanted guests. Earwigs and Japanese beetles are two of the insects that seem to be wreaking havoc in the Stateline area.

Exterminators make house calls to spray and kill the insects, which is one option. And one reason they’re staying busy is because of our warmer than normal temperatures this winter.

Although some pesticides are useful, they’re being phased out because they pose potential health problems.

Unfortunately, dealing with earwigs and Japanese beetles may be an on-going process for many this summer.

If you're looking for these creatures in and around your home, your best bet is to look in dark, moist places. Both earwigs and Japanese beetles don't like sunlight and will hide in gloomy places and come out only at night.