A Total Loss

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Dozens of people are homeless after a fire rages through an apartment complex in Harvard Friday night.

More than 13 area fire districts battled this blaze at the Harvard Park apartment complex for more than five hours. Fire crews said this fire was difficult to battle due to the high winds. This eight unit building is a total loss. Some 29 people have lost everything.

The American Red Cross and the City of Harvard have provided shelter for the family's as they now try and find them permanent housing.

Fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. One boy was injured trying to escape the blaze. He has been treated and released from a local hospital.

If you would like to help the victims of this fire, a relief fund has been set up by the City of Harvard to help. All three Harvard banks and the Harvard City Call are accepting donations.

You can send them to:

201 W. Front St.
Harvard, IL 60033

Or you can call them at (815) 943-6468