Catching Wanted Sex Offenders

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Two sex offenders live just blocks away from mother-of-two
Stephanie Foster. And some of her neighbors think one of them isn't registered.

"They should be on the registry, cause your kids could be playing and someone could walk up and take them," she says.

A natural fear for most parents. That's why the Attorney General's office is launching a program called Operation Location Unknown. It's a website that posts information and photos of ten non-compliant sex offenders each month. That way families could help track them down. Which Uncle Allen Iven says he's all for it.

"Everyone should be on guard with their kids and be aware of what's around them yes I think the website would be helpful," Iven says.

By law, sex offenders must register where they work and live and if that changes they must notify authorities. The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department checks on offenders twice a year. Right now two of them are on the loose. Which police hope Operation Location Unknown could help them in the hunt.

"The fact there are people in violation of that, if they see those people, if they know who they are, the more info the public has the more info comes back to law enforcement to do our job," says Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro.

If a sex offender does not register, it is considered a felony offense, which means more jail time. So the police are relying on us to check out the website and turn those in who look familiar.

Right now there's 550 sex offenders in Winnebago County. 33 are on the loose in Rockford. So to help out police, check out the website at Then click on the Operation Location Unknown icon. That brings you to the photos of the wanted sex offenders.