Main Street Safety

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It was in October of 2002 that Belvidere resident Karl Rappleye was crossing State Street when he was struck by a car and killed. Since then several other pedestrians have almost been run over causing residents to fear for their lives.

Several of these residents decided to hold a meeting with community leaders to discuss new safety measures. The city is purchasing several 48-inch flexible reflective poles that will be placed in the middle of non-lit crosswalks along State Street.

The posts are meant to slow drivers down and increase crosswalk awareness. They can withstand being hit by a vehicle, but will have to be taken down in the winter months during snow cleanup.

Belvidere police are also looking into purchasing a speed trailer. When the department recently borrowed one, they said drivers who saw their speed posted slowed down, but the trailer would cost the city just over $9,000.

For now, they are focusing on educating the public and enforcing crosswalk laws.