Former Mayor on Energy Costs

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The buzz of hairdryers blowing new do's feels like a shrinking wallet for Fuzion Studios owner Brent Beehler. The 4-thousand square foot salon has been open for just a year and Beehler says he already regrets his way of work.

"There's always constantly lights on or the heat's running or the air's running and with all the windows we have being on the corner we thought would be just a bonus is actually hurting us," Beehler says.

Especially when Com Ed rates spiked an average 24-percent. Which Beehler says he's now paying more for electricity than his rent at seven hundred dollars a month. There are hundreds of businesses like Fuzion Studios battling with a higher bill. That's why former Mayor Charles Box is in town offering advice he's learned as Chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission. He says businesses could start using one of 20 third party energy providers to cut costs and families could do the same within a few years.

"Now that the prices are generally going towards market rate you'll see more and more companies wanting to be certified to provide that service to residents," Box says.

Box says it takes five to seven years to get certified. So it's a process. Now in the meantime Beehler says he's getting strict on night-time shut-downs. And if he needs to do, he'll charge more from customers and hairdressers renting a stylist station.

Chairman Box says there's no way of knowing if we'll be paying more for energy. But he also says he knows we'll get quality service for years to come.