58% of Managers Caught a Lie on a Resume

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- When applying for a job everyone wants their resume to sound amazing but a new survey finds a significant number of people cross the line and lie about their qualifications.

Careerbuilder.com says 58% of hiring managers say they've caught a lie on a resume. It happens in every industry and at all levels. Lies about education are common, other applicants lied about winning awards or their previous job title. Jennifer Grasz of Careerbuilder.com says then there are the more outrageous lies.

"There was one person who said they were the assistant to the prime minister of a country that doesn't have a prime minister, there was another candidate that claimed to be an Olympic medalist, there was another candidate that claimed to be the baby sister of Madonna and Tom Cruise, none of these things were true," Grasz said

The survey found the most lies are caught in the financial industry.

Half of all employers say when they catch a lie the worker is immediately fired.

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