Looking for a President

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As of Tuesday, President Roland “Chip” Chapdelaine is no longer employed.

It was a unanimous vote by the Rock Valley College Board of Trustees. It's a chance for a fresh start. Board members say Tuesday night’s decision was not taken lightly, but the future of Rock Valley College was at stake.

For seven years, Dr. Roland “Chip” Chapdelaine served as President of Rock Valley College. Through his leadership, the college saw many positive changes in the growth of the campus. One of the most recent construction projects being the $8 million renovation project at Starlight Theatre. What was going on internally though is what some say lead to Chapdelaine's termination.

It's been said that Chapdelaine missed deadlines with the Illinois Community College Board. That led to the ICCB reducing the recognition status of Rock Valley College. Now these problems with state’s financial report is what landed Rock Valley College on probation for two years.

Through all of this, Board Chairman Randy Schaefer supported Chapdelaine. In fact he recommended Chip take on the position of President in 1997. Now, that the position is up for grabs, recommended qualifications of what a new president should bring to the campus are coming out.

Cheryl Krakow, Rock Valley College’s Executive Vice President of Learning Services was appointed Monday night by the Board of Trustees to be the acting President. An interim president is expected by the end of January. Hopefully by the fall of 2004 a permanent replacement will be found.