Animal House

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The woman who had 70 animals confiscated from her home last week believes the county was wrong in taking them. For Kerry Brumm, the last few days have been difficult. She says the county came to her home for no reason and took her family away. Now she says she wants them back.

Friends and family of Kerry Brumm are busy scrubbing the walls and cleaning up the home in rural Winnebago County after it was condemned last week by county officials. Animal Services confiscated nearly 70 animals from the property after receiving a report that animals were being harmed. Brumm denies this.

Brumm says the pet menagerie officials found was more like a sanctuary for discarded animals, but most of the animals Brumm had were left on property by owners who didn't want their pets anymore, and Brumm says she had to save them.

Brumm also believes that a serious injustice has been made. So far, no charges have been filed against her and Animal Services says all of the animals are in good health, so why, she asks, were they taken away?

Brumm does admit that her house is pretty filthy, but she is taking steps to change that, and if she isn't breaking any laws and isn't harming anyone. Why can't she keep her pets?

"Anybody can spend their money the way they want to, but I spend mine saving animals. It’s my place I should be able to live here the way I want, says Brumm.

Brumm is in the process of retaining a lawyer to try and get her animals back. Right now it is still unclear as to what laws she may have broken because in rural Winnebago County a homeowner can have any many animals as they want.