Perryville Road Expansion

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Talks resurface about the expansion of Perryville Road.

The Winnebago county board has included the four-lane freeway in a draft of its capital improvement plan.

But, not many Stateline residents are in favor of the proposed project. And at Thursday night’s committee board meeting, people spoke out against the plan.

Residents say they thought the Perryville expansion project was a dead issue. But now they've found if it's approved, there is a chance the freeway could extend all the way to Wisconsin.

But, not all citizens are for the project. Some think the land should be preserved and a four-lane road would only add congestion to the area.

Under the proposal, which still needs approval from the full county board, the plan would be a five-year process, with the first phase beginning next year.

In 2003 they hope to buy land at Illinois 173 and Belvedere Road. In 2004 the construction would begin between 173 to Belvedere Road. In 2005, they would look to buy the right of way from belvedere road to the Wisconsin stateline

And the next to years, there would be construction from Belvedere Road to Elevator Road, then Elevator Road to Wisconsin.

Board members say their looking for the public's input and want to do what's in their best interest.

The plan would cost nearly $4 billion if approved by the finance committee.