Local Grammy Close Call

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It's Grammy night and Rockford has its very own star mingling among hollywood's rich and famous. For Sarah Kelly, it's definitely not about the trophy.
One of Kelly's songs begins with the lyrics, "Do I disappoint you, was a not enough to please you after all?"
Kelly won't be taking home a Grammy this year. But she's far from disappointed with having made it this far.
"It's got melancholy vibes in it, so to be recognized for this album I think is a stretch in my genre," says Kelly.
This is the second Grammy nomination Kelly has received for her edgy gospel rock music. Here in Rockford, her sister, Laura Zetterberg, listened in over the phone as the winners were announced in Los Angeles.
"No, she didn't get it."
She says Kelly has always had the gift to reach people through her music.
"I can remember growing up and seeing her sitting here at this very piano just playing and singing for no other reason that to play and to sing and her heart was so in it. Sarah touches people mostly through her honesty and you can't fake the sincerity," says Zetterberg.
Kelly says she values all her life experiences and uses them to enrich her music.
"The whole idea of taking your past and using it for good for your future and being grateful even for the hard times," says Kelly.
So though this was not Kelly's year, she'll use what she's learned for the next album and maybe the next Grammy's.