Animals Impounded During Raid

The operation comes after a three-month investigation. On the scene earlier Thursday is were County Animal Services found a house filled with cats, dogs and snakes. There were even five horses, exotic birds, a fox and a 450-pound pig.

"Beware of the Dog" reads a sign outside this rural home in southern Winnebago County, but there's a lot more than a dog living in this house.

"Snakes, horses, pot bellied pigs, dogs, cats, it's quite a menagerie,” says Gary.

After executing a search warrant, personnel from County Animal Services, the Department of Natural Resources, the Health Department and State Agriculture Dept. confirmed their suspicions, dozens of animals all of types and sizes living in the small home.

"I would have to say this is about as bad as I have seen since my two years as director of animal services. You never know until you get in here and get inside the property," Gary adds.

Carrie Brumm is the owner of the property. She watched from a squad car as animals services loaded up dog after dog from her small farmhouse. Brumm even helped bring one of the more aggressive dogs from a garage.

The operation will take most of the day as authorities search six buildings and load up dozens of animals.

"The initial assessment is some of the animals are quite sick. They're certainly not going to die but that's why we have our veterinarian out here. I would guess we're going to be out here most of the day," says Gary.

Complaints from neighbors about animal abuse sparked the investigation, but few were willing to talk on camera, and due to the rural nature of the area, many had little idea how many animals were on the property.

"There tended to be a lot of barking. I saw the horses and plenty of cats. I figured as long as she was feeding them and all, it would be her problem," says Roy Straley.