Anchor Harvey

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Efforts to get Anchor Harvey workers back on the job reach a crossroads. Union and company leaders head back to the bargaining table in Freeport again Thursday for pivotal negotiations.

The Anchor Harvey strike is over. Pickets have been suspended outside the plant and some 70 workers await word from the company.

"Right now the ball's in their court. It's up to them how we proceed," says Steve Bushey.

Local 21-27 members have made an offer to come back to work. The company did not immediately accept the offer but could make a final decision on Thursday.

"I'm hoping the company makes the right decision and brings us back to work. We've pretty much offered to come back and we're still willing to negotiate. We'll go from there on it," Bushey says.

"We just feel like we've been betrayed by the company. Feel like we've been kicked to the curb. We're waiting for them to negotiate. They don't want to negotiate. They just take baby steps," says Tad Stubbe.

It's been a long and frustrating process for the autoworkers. They met at the steel workers union hall looking for answers.

Stubbe says: "But we still have thousands of questions."
Erica says: "There have been some people who have criticized the union about not getting enough information."
Bushey says: "Don't go there with me."
Erica says: "You don't think the complaints are valid."
Bushey says: "No."

Some blame the company, others blame the union, but one thing all the workers agree on: they want to get back to work. Local 2127 members voted to strike on October 2 after the company offered a contract that cut wages and benefits by 20 percent. If the company rejects the union's offer, workers could be locked out and resume pickets.