Anchor Harvey Workers Head to Unemployment Line

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Pickets are over for striking Anchor Harvey workers in Freeport, but instead of heading back to work, 70 union members are headed to the unemployment line.

For nearly three months, 70 United Auto Worker union members walked the picket line outside of Anchor Harvey. Last week, local 21-27 members offered to come back to work under their old contract, but the company told workers they'd been replaced.

Anchor Harvey has already offered permanent jobs to 71 temps. We talked with some former Anchor Harvey workers Tuesday and the news comes as a major blow. They say union heads led them to believe this couldn't happen.

Union members hope a labor board will hear their concerns. In the meantime, they're signing up for unemployment benefits and searching for new jobs.

Local 21-27 union leaders met with a mediator Tuesday, but no progress is reported.