Sycamore Unit Deployed

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Afghanistan now has a fresh start. The Grand Assembly passed a new constitution. The country will have their first full democratic election this year. President Bush is praising Afghan delegates for approving a new constitution. The President says it ensures the country has moved beyond Taliban rule and that "terror finds no further refuge. President Bush vows the U.S. will continue to help the Afghan people "as they build a free and prosperous future."

Afghanistan's freedom is something our soldier's helped accomplish. But the job is not done. As many troops head home, others are now being sent to finish the mission. It's all part of what's now being called, Operation Noble Eagle. A National Guard unit from Sycamore has their orders to join in the fight.

The bags are packed and these soldiers stand proud. They know that they too will be among the many U.S. soldiers’ making a difference. For now the unit is heading to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. The group of 120 soldiers will be trained in a new field, from field artillery to military police.