Roads Referendum

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There's lots of spots in Rockton where the roads could use some fixing up, but more importantly roads in new developments will need to be maintained. That's why the Rockton Board of Trustees will ask voters to approve a roads referendum this April.

Village trustees are asking for voters to approve raising their property taxes by point zero-five percent, which comes to be an extra $51 on a-hundred thousand dollar home. This increase would raise an extra 2-hundred thousand dollars for the village. So they could fix several roads and the East Main Street bridge. Which would be good timing, since there's lots of new plans in Rockton's future.

"We've got Walmart we've got Fat Wallet coming we've got other commercial coming on Highway 2 there's a lot of retail development in the works and with more homes coming up as well that tax burden will go down," says Village Trustee Dave Winters.

The property tax increase would last just for four years. And when those four years are up, Rockton leaders will ask voters again for more money so they could finish the second half of their roads project.

Also at tonight's meeting, board member Dennis Meade proposed a smoking ban for the April ballot. However not a single board member voted in favor of it. So there will not be a question about going smoke free this spring.