No More Waiting at DMV

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Waiting in line while renewing your license will be a thing of the past, that according to Kristine O'Rourke Cohn the republican nominee for Secretary of State.

She says that by listening to the insights of employees she will scope a new department that is more professional and time conscious of patrons.

Everyone that has been to one of the state's motor vehicle facilities knows first hand the time it can take to stand in line waiting for service. But this could all take a u-turn if Cohn is elected she says.

Pledging to visit 120 driver facilities by election day, Cohn kicked off her Lose the Wait in Line campaign in Rockford Wednesday to revamp what she says is an ineffective office.

Cohn says that as Secretary of State, she pledges to reduce the long lines, increase customer satisfaction and crush the corruption in the office by transforming it into a model of efficiency and integrity. Something most patrons would like to see.

Cohn says with such a vast increase in licensing fees there is no reason why the process can't be sped up.

Now cone did not say how she plans to eliminate the long lines but says that the answers lie within the department themselves. That's why she plans to visit 120 of them before election day.