Superbowl Shoppers

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Traffic jams at the supermarket can't stop long-time Bears fan John Gallagher from being the host with the most.

"Just going out getting food beverages, snacks for the kids, decorations," Gallagher says.

But Gallagher's Superbowl party won't be just fun and games. He says the Bears game is serious business and will be keeping the party-size rather small.

"Don't want too many distractions, need to watch the game this year."

Same goes with shopper Becky Brees. She's having just family over and will serve pre-med platters made by Logli's.

"It's really easy just less hassle you don't have to really do a lot of cooking and stuff and I'm not big on cooking so it makes it a lot easier cleanup is a lot easier too," Brees says.

Both Brees and Gallagher are first-time Superbowl party-throwers. They say it's who's playing that gives them the desire to entertain.

"I think it's cause it's the bears and we're just so close to Chicago and it's just great to see everyone come together and I remember it when they won in 85 so that was cool," Brees says.

Logli's managers say the Bears are also helping boost sales. They say they expect to make 20-percent more money on Superbowl Sunday, which is more than any Superbowl played without the Chicago Bears.