Superbowl Pizza

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They're made to order and an easy entertaining treat. So with Superbowl just a few days away, pizza places are getting ready for a busy night.

"I basically double all we get," says Domino's Pizza Manager Craig Gault.

It's a good thing they're ordering more, because the National Association of Pizzeria Operators predict 1.3 million Domino's pizzas will be sold during the Superbowl and majority of them will be pepperoni. But it's not just Domino's hoping to score big.

"The forecast is supposed to be cold so people will probably stay in," says Schiro Restaurant Owner John Schiro.

Hence more pizzas to whip up. And Pizza Hut is preparing by doubling their order as well. And managers say convenience is their biggest money-maker.

"Just a lot easier to dial order some pizza and have it delivered," says Pizza Hut Manager Matt Newcomb.

But pizza places aren't the only spots getting ready for a Sunday swamp. Logli's Supermarket managers think they'll be 20-percent busier than usual and more crowded than Superbowls in the past.

"Being that we're in the Chicago area it really makes a difference that we're in the Superbowl," says Logli's Store Manager Scott Boeke.

So whether you prefer to carry-out or make it all on your own, our local businesses are gearing up for a busy, yet rewarding Superbowl Sunday.

Not every pizza place thinks they'll be busy this Sunday. Liro's Restaurant off East State Street says business was so slow during the 1985 Superbowl, that it's decided to shut down all together.

Several Stateline pizza places will have specials on Superbowl like free pop and discounted pizzas, and Logli's' has several party-items on sale as well. FYI, 37-billion pizzas are sold each year.