Operation Safe School Leads to Arrest

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Ogle County’s new public safety program; Operation Safe School has led to felony charges against a convicted sex offender.

In his office’s monthly report, Ogle County State’s Attorney Doug Floski said Frank R.
Cumby, 27, of Rochelle, was charged with failing to register his change of address as a sex offender and with residing within 500 feet of a school as a convicted sex offender.
Both charges are Class 4 Felonies and carry the possibility of prison terms.

“Under a new Illinois law, anyone convicted of a child sex offense cannot live within a
school zone, defined as 500 feet,” Floski said. “A year ago, my office and police chiefs from throughout the county developed a program to enforce the law, called Operation
Safe School. I believe these charges show the effectiveness of that program”

Under Operation Safe School guidelines, Floski’s office periodically sends a listing of convicted sex offenders to area police chiefs. The chiefs check the offender’s address to determine if the residence is within 500 feet of a public school.

If it is, the offender receives a letter informing them of the law and giving them a short grace period in which to move. If the offender refuses to move, charges are filed. The only exceptions are convicted sex offenders who owned their own homes before the law went into effect.

“This law was designed to create a buffer zone around our schools so that parents can be assured that as their children are walking to and from school, they are not walking in front of a house where a child molester lives,” Floski said. ”This case makes it clear that our police chiefs and my office intend to enforce this law vigorously.”

In addition to Cumby’s arrest, several convicted sex offenders from throughout the county have been forced to move outside of school zones as a result of Operation Safe School.

Also in the month of July, Floski’s office filed nine felony drug charges and 20 other felony charges.

Felony convictions for the month of July included the conviction of a former Byron man,
Ernest J. Normand, on three counts of possession of child pornography.

Floski’s office also secured convictions and sentences in July in six drug cases, four forgery cases, two cases involving gang-related activities, two cases involving burglary and several felony driving cases for a total of 21 felony convictions.