Busiest Shipping Day

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Monday night is considered the busiest shipping day of the year. That means for those of you that live in and around the Greater Rockford Airport, the sky will be filled. UPS Air Express deliveries peak Monday night.

It's described as a science. The UPS equation is all worked out in order to make sure our packages reach their destination. From late Monday night to early Tuesday morning more than 200,000 packages will go through the Rockford Airport HUB. Staff are brought in early in order to meet the demands of the busiest delivery day.

It’s expected that every 2 to 4 minutes UPS planes will take-off and land at the Greater Rockford Airport. That makes for about 30 planes in three hours. By about 3:38 a.m., the organized ciaos stops. Our packages are then on their way to their final destination all before 13:30 a.m.