Spending Power

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The parking lots a mess, the stores are packed, more people are expected to hit the stores Saturday than on any other day of the year. From clothes to toys to finding that one of kind gift in full swing. Everything is flying off store shelves.

Thousands of people are heading to the malls this weekend in what is the busiest shopping day of the year. Cash registers have been ringing loud as last minute shoppers look for that final gift to go under their tree, but as holiday shoppers wait to the last minute, they must contend with long lines, no parking and huge crowds, but people don't seem to mind.

As shoppers look for bargains, retailers are hoping that this holiday sales blitz will be better than last, but some analysts aren't optimistic. Retailers have been slashing prices and discounting merchandise to try and attract customers. That enticement has lured some shoppers to spend more than they expected, a mentality merchants hope translates into bigger profits.