Tree-mendous Display

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Twinkling lights, manger displays and Christmas trees are sure to get even the biggest scrooge into the holiday spirit.

Talk about getting into the Christmas spirit. Deanna Chekouras has not one Christmas tree, but 14 in her Beloit home.

Chekouras says, "People would give me ornaments. I would collect ornaments. Pretty soon we had way too many ornaments for the trees. So we just kept getting trees."

The idea for the trees also grew as a way to remember Chekouras's late husband during a tough time of the year.

Chekouras says, "A lot of memory things on there are from him or things that we did together."

Cherkouras and her daughter Amanda put up all 14 trees themselves.

Amanda says, "All of the sudden the Christmas spirit came upon me and I aid let's get my two trees up."

The trees vary in size and shape. Each one has a theme and name. This is one of Deanna's favorites. It's filled with hallmark ornaments. There's also the glitzy tree, the antique tree, an angel tree. There's even one in the bathroom

Cheroukas says, "This is the under the sea theme. It has all things from the east coast mostly North Carolina."

Even with 14 trees, Chekouras isn't planning on quitting any time soon.

Cheroukas says, "Oh there's always room for more. It's kind of like kids, there's always room for one more kid at the table. There's always room for more ornaments."

It seems you can never had too much holiday cheer either. Cherkouras has this tip for decorating a tree that will really shine. She says to put lights inside by wrapping them along the trunk of the tree.