Homeless Survey

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You wouldn't normally hope for cold weather in order to do well at your job. But for the Mayor's Task Force on Homelessness, a chilly night is the best time to count just how many homeless are living in Rockford.

The task force met with 25 homeless agencies to learn how many are homeless and the types of people using their facilies. From what they've seen so far, theres significantly more homeless living in Rockford than this time last year. Now the 2005 survey, there were 1,667 homeless which is a lot more than in 2003 when there were 433 homeless. Many say more homeless people are moving to Rockford due to the amount of agencies willing to help them out.

Agents with the task force say more families are now homeless than in the past which is due to struggling careers and the economy. The numbers from the survey will be released in the next few weeks.