Nuclear Waste Storage

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The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approves a plan that will put nuclear waste in public areas for transport.

Nuclear waste from across the country will be sent to Yucca Mountain Nevada starting in 2010, to help alleviate growing concerns of nuclear waste pile up at individual sites.

The nuclear industry, including Byron station administrators, is happy with the outcome of the vote.

They say the Yucca Mountain facility set to open in the year 2010 is needed to alleviate the growing concern of nuclear waste storage space at individual sites.

Byron station administrators tell 23 News more than 3,000 high level waste shipments have been made in the past 20 years nationwide with no major incidents being reported.

Administrators tell 23 News they have enough pool storage space to last until the year 2011.

Meantime, Nevada’s governor Kenny Guinn is planning on continuing his fight to stop the site from being used.