Boeing Plant

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Rockford won't be the home to Boeing's new airliner assembly plant, but that's not stopping city leaders from celebrating. Here’s more about Rockford's proposal to Boeing and why some are still happy despite losing out to Everett Washington.

By the applause and smiles, you'd never guess that Rockford lost the battle to bring Boeing to the stateline. Despite the news team members who made the pitch to the aerospace giant are celebrating.

"While some will focus on the winning aspect, we did a marvelous thing and quite honestly I still think we should have won," said Bob Levin.

Rockford's team believes it made a big impression during the process. Originally, Boeing wanted to ship the parts to an assembly plant for the new 7E7 aircraft, but the company changed plans after seeing Rockford's cost saving idea to fly the parts in.

Mayor Scott said, "I think we really made a great name for the city of Rockford and the area."

Rockford's mayor says he wishes the outcome was different, but the city made some great contacts and learned the power of volunteers. More than 45 volunteers helped work on the Boeing pitch.

"Rockford really has a very strong infrastructure. It's there it just has to be cultivated, and we will find a match somewhere and be very successful," said Ron Vankessel.

Washington offered $3.2 billion in tax incentives to Boeing and the state had another advantage. It's home to other Boeing facilities. The company has offered the Rockford team an opportunity to meet again and provide feedback on the proposal.