Student Assignment Public Forum

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Her son Joseph may be just seven-years-old, but Valerie Soeterman is already worried where he'll be attending high school. Soeterman lives closest to Guilford, but the new student assignment plan maps her in the East district.

"Cause busing is all crazy and it's gonna save a lot of money, but the zones when you look at it and look at where it is it doesn't make sense," she says.

Dozens of parents like Soeterman are voicing their concerns regarding the school zones. Michelle Glover's daughter Shenitrah is nervous that half-way through high school, she might have to switch schools.

"If I'm that happy here that's not gonna want to make me do and achieve as well as I would at Auburn," Shenitrah Glover says.

So with so many questions to be answered, even some school board members want the process to slow down.

"I really hope the administration will back off and give us a year to really give a look at this and work out the details," says Board Member Jay Nellis.

Details that could change once the board hears from the parents, most effected by the plan.

At the last school board meeting, members voted down a movement to put the plan on hold until the 08-09 school year. Nellis says he hopes the board will give it another try at the February 13th board meeting, to help slow the process down. He also says there's a chance the board could vote on approving the zones at this time as well.

The next public forum is February eighth at Eisenhower Middle School.