Belvidere Referendum

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That's a problem we've told you about in the Belvidere School District. The district has already had to adopt a split schedule to solve overcrowding. Taxpayers will be the deciding factor. In March, a referendum will be on the ballot. Monday night, Belvidere school board members approved the two questions voters will be asked on March 16th.

The first, a decision to build a new high school, new elementary school, add space to Belvidere Central Middle School and upgrade the current high school. That should take care of the overcrowding problem for the next eight years. Voters will also decide on an increase to the education tax. The average taxpayer would pay about 89 cents more per $150,000 assessed value. The lower land cost is just one reason the district accredits the growth spurt.

Even with this increase, Belvidere will still be one of the lowest taxing districts.