A Financial Plan For Keeping Live Theatre

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The plot involves a theatre trying to make ends meet. Before the curtain falls for good, the happy ending is that enough money will come in to keep live theatre on stage.

It was thought that “A Christmas Carol” would be the last play for good at NAT. Instead, the curtain call is coming just yet. A four-part plan is announced as a final attempt to proceed with the 33rd year of NAT. In order to try to reduce the $200,000 deficit, 2 shows are no longer part of the line-up. The “Italian American Reconciliation” and “Moon Over The Brewery” will not run. The theatre is keeping what they call their best shows, “Proof” and “Joseph.” Both expected to being in a variety of audience members, which means revenue. But NAT board members hope the money from these cancelled shows will help deplete monthly debt. Cancelled show ticket holders can either donate the value of the ticket or be offered a voucher for next season. No refunds will be given.

A media fundraiser and NAT’s biggest fundraiser, “A Night Of Stars” is where fundraising plans take off. More details about these efforts will be forthcoming.