Can The State Get It Done in 2007?

Everyone in the Stateline, including the people at this year's legislative luncheon, has high hopes for the state government. However, with record deficits, many programs won’t receive the funding they need.

For obvious reasons, Dr. Bill Gorski CEO of Swedish American Health System is concerned about health care. “There’s approximately 1.8 million uninsured in the state of Illinois, it’s a huge problem for all of us,” he says. “It’s how we solve it, that’s the big question.”

Some feel universal health care is the answer to that question.

State Senator Dave Syverson is not one of those people. “Talking about universal health care, that would be very, very expensive. That would attract a lot of unhealthy people to our state, [which] would just cost too much money,” he said.

He would rather see improvements to our infrastructure as a top priority. “We’ve had 173; that needs to be reconsidered. That has been on the opportunity returns plan for 3-4 years now,” he said.

Syverson says road improvements can indirectly address health care concerns as well. Funding for those projects would create more jobs; jobs that pay a decent salary and give working class people a livable benefits package. And, though it will fall well short of getting everyone to the doctor on time, it is at least a step in the right direction.