New TV for the Superbowl

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Big screen TV's and the Chicago Bears go hand-in-hand this football season. As swift marketers claim no Superbowl is worth watching unless it's on a big screen TV. And hundreds of shoppers are buying into the latest craze.

"We just love the bears, and absolutely excited they're gonna win, cause they are, just having a big screen TV goes along with it I guess," says shopper Tania Shirley.

But Tania and A.J. Shirley are not the only ones getting soaked into the high-def hype. Best Buy officials say they're selling big screen TVs like hot cakes, all thanks to the Chicago Bears.

"It makes you feel like you're there you can have all of your friends over no body's trying to fight for a seat you could see the screen and with a a surround sound you hear all the sounds around you and it makes you feel like you're at the game," says hometheatre salesman Michael Falzone.

Enough perks to make shoppers shell out a mere three-grand. Even when they claim to not be in the market for a new TV.

"We're just looking at TV's, we're not buying, but we're definitely interested in looking," Shirley says.