Rockford Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner

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With 50 sports arena management positions under his
belt, former MetroCentre general manager Doug Logan brings some words of wisdom to us here in the Stateline. Logan was the keynote speaker at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner held at Giovanni's.

Logan emphasized the importance of keeping younger workers in Rockford and says local businesses need to become more attractive to those between 25 and 40-years-old. Some examples are becoming more culturally diverse and have more activities to choose from. He says if things don't change, our community will suffer once baby boomers have all retired.

"If you do not engage in an aggressive campaign to make your city attractive to this generation I will assure you you'll experience a gradual and steady decline in business," Logan says.

Logan says he's been keeping up with Rockford news since he moved away in the 80's. And from time-to-time he'll catch up with MetroCentre officials and offer them some advice. Today he told MetroCentre leaders he thinks they should focus more on programming and not get so hung up on renovations.