The Perfect Christmas Gift

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A Belvidere mom gets the surprise of her life just by watching 23 WIFR.

Tammy Jones says a simple videotape is the best Christmas present she's ever received.

“It was so great just to see her,” Jones says.

It's been two years since Jones has seen her daughter, Air Force 1st Class Rachael Thompson, who's stationed in Germany. You can imagine her surprise when Rachael's Christmas greeting popped up on 23-WIFR.

"I got so excited, I yelled for my husband - he thought someone was breaking in the house. You can’t imagine what it’s like without seeing her for so long. I was just so excited," Jones says.

Jones says not seeing her daughter has been heart breaking, talking on the phone just isn't enough. She's been counting down the days till she'll be able to welcome Rachael home.

"It's been so long without seeing her, I’m trying not to get choked up […] it just means a lot," Jones says with tears in her eyes.

Rachael, who just got married overseas, is expected home in January. Jones says they have a lot of mother-daughter time to catch up on, but until then this tape will play until it’s completely worn out.