New Animal Shelter

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People call him Duke. He's this yellow Lab mix with one growing problem. He's going blind and he's just two-years-old. It's dogs like Duke being cared for by animal lovers at the Fresh Start Animal Rescue, the "only" animal shelter in Boone County.

"I think there's a lot of need for this in this area," says owner Cathleen Tripamer.

Fresh Start has 25 cats and dogs, none of which owners say are purebreds. These animals are a bit more expensive than the usual 60-dollar shelter purchase, they cost well into the two-hundreds.

"We don't have a vet on staff so we have to pay one of the local vets that we work with and then we don't get any state or city funding either," Tripamer says.

So for dogs like Duke, a six-hundred dollar eye surgery all comes out of pocket. Making an adoption well-needed at the Fresh Start Animal Rescue.

Fresh Start animal rescue gets all of their animals through high-kill shelters and animal control. Since the shelter is non-profit, owners say they're in desperate need of paper towels. They go through up to 15 rolls a day. Owners say our donations would be much appreciated.
You can send donations to:
Fresh Start Animal Rescue
1237 Logan Ave.
Belvidere, IL