Bush to Speak on a Stateline Topic


“By applying the talent and technology of this country, we can dramatically improve our environment, move beyond a petroleum based economy, and make our dependence of Middle Eastern oil a thing of the past.”

The president stressed it during State of the Union speeches in the past. His language tonight could be even stronger, but the message will be the same; utilizing alternative energy is a must. Despite a similar focus there is one big difference, a Congress controlled by Democrats.

That Congress will likely put added pressure on the president to increase the use of alternative energy. That can only help areas of the country that already have a head start in green fuel production, including northern Illinois.

Other places, namely Iowa, have more corn and more ethanol plants, but as drivers continue to demand vehicles powered by e-85, local farmers will continue to increase the amount of corn they bring to new ethanol plants like the one in Rochelle, and the one proposed in Rockford.

According to the manager of the Winnebago County Farm Bureau, Roger Christin, this can only mean good things.

“One thing we're going to see is a lot more corn being planted we've already, talking to most farmers they anticipate more corn for this coming year then they have in past years and we've seen a pricing increase already.”

In a time where making a decent living by working the land seems to be a thing of the past, that price increase is more than welcome.