Springfield Extention Project Has Residents Up in Arms

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Some local residents are outraged by a flood of construction traffic that has been diverted through their neighborhood. They say that the problem is endangering the safety of their kids, but they're not sure what else they can do.

The expansion of Springfield Road was supposed to divert traffic around sensitive areas and off neighborhood streets. Unfortunately, this hasn't happened and they have tried to get the problem fixed, but they say that the county doesn't seem to care.

Car after car after car, that's what residents along victory street are having to deal with since Springfield Road has been closed. On a street that usually sees only a handful of cars an hour, is now experiencing more than 100.

The Winnebago Sheriff's Department was out trying to control the flow of traffic but say that the motorists aren't to blame.

Residents say that they have notified the county about this problem but have not gotten anywhere. Meanwhile the cars just keep coming.

Winnebago County Highway Officials say that they will address this issue. Until then, sheriff's police say that they will do what they can to try and limit the amount of traffic entering that area.