Flu Shots Are Gone

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As of Tuesday, Winnebago County, one of the "only" counties in our area with any supply of the vaccine, officially ran out.

The flu season usually peaks in January, which is why demand for flu shots is greater than the supply. 840 flu shots were given out at a final Flu Shot Clinic in Winnebago County. It will be weeks before county health departments in our area get supplies in.

The hot item this holiday, flu shots. Hundreds wait hours at Colonial Village Mall for a shot at getting this influenza vaccine. Some came as far as Appleton, Wisconsin. Others took off work thinking they'd be able to walk right in.

Five people in Winnebago County died last week from influenza or pneumonia. It's recommended that children six to 23 months or those who suffer from chronic illness get the shot. The flu shot is also a good idea for those over the age of 50. But now that the syringes are empty, health officials are counting on some common sense to prevent a flu epidemic. Covering coughs and sneezes plus hand washing is the only prevention we have.

With flu vaccines out, the needle free flu mist seems to be in good supply, but there are regulations on who can use it. Cost is also a factor. The typical price for flu mist is about $46.00. A flu shot is only about $15.00.