Kris Cohn is Leaving

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Winnebago County board chairman, Kris Cohn will not run again for reelection.

She says her decision is strictly personal. Her husband is about to retire and she wants to spend more time with her family, but she does say she has not counted out seeking another political office in the future.

"It’s because of my husband and my family,” said and emotional Kris Cohn, Winnebago County Board Chairman. Standing next to her husband, Cohn tells reporters why she will not seek another term as Winnebago County board chairman.

Kohn says she made her decision last night after carefully consulting with family and friends, but others wonder if the chairman is stepping down because of a tough reelection campaign some wonder if she can win.

"I have won every election I have ever run for in this county, and I would have won this one, too.

Kohn still has a year left as county board chairman. Many of her collogues applaud her work ethic and her ability to pass major improvements like the Perryville extension and the new jail referendum. She has turned the Chairmanship into an executive position of power, which at times created contention, but some board members admit it is time for a change and weren't surprised by her departure.

"I think the people want a change, and when you been here as long as she has it's time to move on, said Bob Kinnison, (R) board member.

"We need a chairman who will bring people together and that hasn't always happened, but I do think she has done a lot since she has been here, said Polly Berg, (D) board member.

Now even though Kohn admits she is leaving for personal reasons she is also going to help president bush get reelected in the state of Illinois by joining his reelection campaign sometime next year.