Pearl Harbor

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A local survivor of Pearl Harbor says Sunday will forever live in infamy. Images flash through the mind of Stan Van Hoose everyday. These pictures are more than mere images of a secret attack, but rather a living story of memory's that became a permanent scar 62 years ago.

Van Hoose, a Pearl Harbor survivor was a young 21-year-old seaman on the bridge of the USS Maryland. That’s when Japanese planes began dropping bombs on battleship row. The Oklahoma, the West Virginia, the Arizona were all destroyed. But the USS Maryland survived with minor damage because the capsized Oklahoma protected the ship from enemy torpedoes. But the men trapped inside the Oklahoma changed Van Hoose's life forever.

Van Hoose says, “Once that ship went down we were able to help some of them that were trapped, but some also suffocated. It all just happened so fast, we couldn't do anything for most.”

Along the banks of the Rock River, Van Hoose and other survivors were honored by a band of military brothers. A wreath was offered to remember the more than 2,000 lives that were lost during this attack. One of the greatest struggles this Beloit survivor has known.