Saints Have Feelings Too

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The Bears have ended the New Orleans Saints' Cinderella playoff run. But fans say the team is still an inspiration to a battered city.
It's not an easy time to be a Saints fan and it's not an easy time to be from New Orleans. Reverend Karl Perry is both.
Says Perry, "To actually see this damage and catastrophe going on it was a moving thing, you know it was almost as if trying to imagine Rockford totally shut down you know and we only had the monies in our pocket to survive."
Reverend Perry moved to Houston when Hurricane Katrina hit and, recently, from there to Rockford.
Tonight he's being officially installed as pastor of Second Christian Church of Rockford. He's gotten his life back on track, but many in New Orleans are still struggling and searching for inspiration.
Reverend Perry says they find it in their football team: "Last year the Saints were a 3 and 13 team and now this year they come around and turn things around, so it also gives a message that any situation can be turned around."
Reverend Perry says even the team's name is fitting for a city that's been to hell and back.
"We all are saints that believe in God. So it's still victorious, you know, we can get beaten but we'll still get up and keep on going and keep on going and we can lose a few battles but in the end we'll win the war," says Perry.
And speaking of battles, Perry expects to have to defend himself against his Bears-loving friends.
He says, "I'm gonna get creamed. But I'm still gonna wear my Saints jersey and I'm still gonna wear my hat, regardless."