Flu Shot Shortage

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With several flu fatalities and a national vaccine shortage people are looking everywhere to try and get a booster for this deadly flu outbreak.

Just about every county in the viewing area is out of the vaccine except for one. Once news got out stateliners lined up in Rockford Saturday to get a flu shot before it runs out.
In the wake of a national flu shot shortage, many stateliners are flocking to health clinics, rolling up there sleeves and arming themselves with the flu vaccine before it runs out.

Close to 200 people lined up in Winnebago County to get poked, prodded, and pricked Saturday morning. For some it was a few-second's of suffering to prevent a potentially deadly virus.

Some said they came out of fear because of recent outbreaks in Colorado and Texas. Others came out of panic by the vaccine shortage. Health officials expected a healthy turnout but admit they were even surprised by the numbers seeking the vaccine.

But now with county medicine cabinets running on empty, if you are not one of the 83 million Americans who have already received a flu shot you might be left in the cold this winter.

Here’s how area county flu vaccine supplies stack up.

Winnebago County: low
Stephenson County: out
Boone County: out
Ogle County: We are told they are low.
DeKalb County: out

The Winnebago County Health department is holding another flu shot clinic on Tuesday at Colonial Village from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. or until the vaccine runs out.