Local Businesses Say "No" to Sales Tax Proposal

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They're called the Winnebago County Taxpayers Advocates. It's a group of about 60 different business leaders who all have one thing in common. They don't want a sales tax increase.

Especially a one-percent sales tax increase. So now WCTA has come up with a marketing plan to get people like you and me involved in the sales tax discussion.

WCTA is posting a page long advertisement like this one in the Rockford Register Star tomorrow through Tuesday. The group is asking voters to call their Alderman and voice their concerns regarding the sales tax proposal. Now we spoke with several Rockford Aldermen, and they say this money is essential to pay for city infrastructure like roads and bridges. And of course getting constituent involvement is a major plus.

"If we can't propose this and then sell it it doesn't make no different what we put on there. I mean we could have a ridiculous bond referendum or a ridiculous sales tax proposal but if people don't understand what they're voting for then it goes down no matter what we put on there," says Alderman Nancy Johnson.

City leaders must decide if they're going to choose a bond referendum which means higher property taxes or the one-percent sales tax increase. They must have that figured out by the beginning of next month. Otherwise they won't get the referendum on the April ballot.

The sales tax does not apply to necessities like food, medication or titled vehicles. But if we feel like buying a new outfit, expect to be paying one-percent more in sales tax. Also, city leaders must decide if they're going to keep selling vehicle stickers. The city made nearly one-point-five million dollars off of them. However, it's possible that ordinance could go by the way-side.