Bears Mania

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Get em' while their hot. Sweatshirts, t-shirts and game-day faces. And while the shelves appear full, owners of Got Quarters say Bears items are selling quickly.

"This year everyone's supporting the bears pretty well so we're having a good year with the Bears stuff," says owner Gary Larson.

The shelves are ready for Bears Championship and Superbowl merchandise but if they lose, baseball stuff will go on display.

Larson says Bears fans are hopping on the home team bandwagon, boosting bears sales nearly thirty percent from last year. And managers at Cousins Sports Bar also say they expect more bar sales,
since they think more fans will show up on Sunday.

"We have it all under control we have plenty of workers we have extra workers coming in so we'll have it under control," says Elizabeth Pettke of Cousins.

Managers say they'll provide more tables and bar stools than they normally do. And will have the Bears game on all 12 of their plasma screen TVs.

We'll know if the Bears are going to the Superbowl depending on how they do this Sunday. But that doesn't mean sports manufacturers aren't getting ready. The owner at Got Quarters says he knows Bears Superbowl merchandise are all designed and ready to be printed. That merchandise will become available in stores in our area the day after the Superbowl. Of course if the Bears win.