Skeletal Remains Identified

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Winnebago county investigators are closer to wrapping up the case of a missing Wisconsin woman. Authorities linked skeletal remains found in rural Winnebago County to the missing woman.
It had been six years since anyone had seen any sign of Sandra M. Daniels. Then on Sunday, January 7th, a teenage boy walking through the woods stumbled across what turned out to be her skeletal remains .
Investigators matched teeth found with the bones to Daniels through dental records.
The family submitted X-rays of Daniels' teeth when they filed a missing persons report. That was back in June of 2000.
Thursday the Winnebago County Sheriff and Coroner announced they are treating the case as a homicide.
Now that they've identified the bones, they can begin the real work of investigating who might have killed her, if anyone did and how she ended up coming to northern Winnebago County from a suburb of Milwaukee.
"Sometimes that reason is simply because somebody was going from point a to point b and that happened to be, in the middle happened to be Yale Bridge and Raleigh Road and it may be just as coincidental as that. Then again there may be some significant reason why that location was chosen," says Sheriff Richard Meyers.
Sheriff Meyers says they have no real leads yet on the cause of death. They're assuming she was killed at the site where she was found and that she has been dead since very close to the time she disappeared six years ago.
County coroner Sue Fiduccia says Daniels, who would have been 56, had children. Fiduccia says the family is relieved to know where Daniels is but also saddened to know she is dead.