Neighbors Say Murder Suspect Acted With a "Guilty Conscience"

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Right after the three bodies were discovered, neighbors in this mobile home park say they found it quite odd when murder suspect James Koepp started acting like Mr. Fix-it. Some say he usually kept to himself, but lately he's been making his rounds around the neighborhood.

Neighbor Gladys Johnson says Koepp left her a note to call him just a few days ago, saying he heard there was a break-in. But Johnson says that wasn't true.

"And he talked real normal, this was after the murder I just shrudder when I think I called him after the murder," Johnson says.

Neighbors say they're shocked he showed interest in them out of no where and he acted concerned just as much as anyone else.

Neighbor Kelly Hogan says Koepp stopped over on Saturday because he said he smelled natural gas, but Hogan says there was no such odor. She says Koepp then brought up the triple homicide, admitting he's a suspect since he fixed the Lentz family's' window six months ago. His actions, Hogan says then became suspicious.

"Why would he come over here ask me how I felt about the whole situation and then the minute my boyfriend and brother come home, why would he leave," Hogan said.

Hogan says she then got a creepy chill. And thinks Koepp became so neighborly due to a guilty conscience.

Koepp is expected to appear in court Friday. He's being charged with three counts of first-degree murder. As well as knowingly fleeing an officer, driving while intoxicated and reckless endangering of safety.