Mimi Murphy's Medical Breakthroughs

Medical Breakthroughs
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Getting pierced no longer means just your ear lobes. Noses, belly buttons, eyebrows even tongues. It's fashionable for some, a way to make a statement for others. A lot of teens don't feel quite "in" if they've never been to a piercing shop. You may think they look pretty cool. But did you know that one out of 10 people who get piercing other than their earlobes, will end up with a painful infection? How do you make sure that doesn't happen to you? Here are some tips on how to avoid having problems and what kind of risks you're exposed to.

Choosing the perfect ornament to adorn a favorite body part. Nicky Bissen is confident this piercing boutique is clean and careful about sterilizing their tools. It's important to make sure the shop you're doing your piercing in is reputable and uses good cleanliness practices like hand washing, sterilization, and never reusing needles.

Otherwise Dr. Ricky Clay says if you have a piercing done with dirty or resumed tools you not only increase your risk of a painful infections, but you also increase your risk of contracting one of these dangerous viruses: hepatitis B, C, and D and HIV the virus that causes aids. No matter how clean the piercing environment is, you're always at risk of local infections. Thirteen percent of all belly buttons and seven percent of all ears get infected. The best thing to do if that happens is but Nicky is ready to take the risk and hopefully with proper care, Nicky's hurt will not get infected.

In addition to removing the stud or hoop if an infection happens, Dr. Clay says it's also important to talk to your doctor about antibiotics.